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Create Your Account (Buy and Sell Services)

Creating an account on ServBetter is a simple process and you can get access to the biggest marketplace. Whether you want to hire professional or want to sell your skills, account on ServBetter can save your time and money while looking for people in open market.

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Create Your Account (Buy and Sell Services)

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Empower yourself by getting value for your skills as ServBetter will enable you to market your talent to thousands of buyers across the world. Highlight your skills and make your portfolio to increase the chances of getting hired. Now you can cash your free time and get yourself hired by reliable buyers at ServBetter.

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Create Your Account (Buy and Sell Services)
Create Your Account (Buy and Sell Services)

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Get access to thousands of sellers across the globe through your buyer’s account. You can hire a seller from as far as New Zealand to as near to the next block from where you live. Post your job with the requirements and the amount you are willing to pay and start getting quotes from the reliable sellers. The reviews and rating of seller and the open communication can help you in selection.

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Create Your Account (Buy and Sell Services)

Get Access to thousands of Buyers

We are a global platform and accept registrations from anywhere in the world. You can expand your potential customers from a local market level to a world wide scope. This increases your chance of being hired even more. Access to thousands of customers enables you to develop your skills and make enhance your abilities.

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Create Your Account (Buy and Sell Services)

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We support open communication between buyers and sellers. Posting job with clear description can help you in getting to the right seller.

Secure Transaction

Open and transparent portal ensures secure transactions. Secure your transaction through our Escrow type system.

Products Control

All services sold through this portal are checked and vetted with highest level of quality control and reliability.

Quality Platform

The reviews and ratings of sellers on ServBetter enable us to provide quality service in affordable price and in a timely manner, leading to buyer’s satisfaction.

Assistance 24/7

ServBetterhas customer support representatives available for help and they can resolve issues and answer queries at any time required.

Support Forums

We are building an online community to support all your questions and challenges that you may face whilesearching and purchasing services.

Cash Back

For every purchase you do in our platform, collect reward points to use as discount coupons.


Our bidding platform gives you choice to select service provider from a range of sellers and at best price.

Hire for any scope of work:


Short-term tasks

Short-term tasks

Build a pool of diverse experts for one-off tasks


Recurring projects

Recurring projects

Have a go-to team with specialized skills


Full-time contract work

Full-time contract work

Expand your staff with a dedicated team

Hire for any scope of work

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