Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy thoroughly before registering on our site or entering any private information as it is a sort of privacy agreement between you and this website, based upon mutual trust initially. Agreement may take-off from the pad of mutual trust and fly through legal processes if breached by either side.

Both the types of visitors of our site, sellers and buyers will be entitled as term “client”.

Meanwhile will be designated as “website”.

  1. In order to trade skills on this site, it is necessary for client of this website to incline with the privacy policy stated here.
  2. It is to be quite clear that no section or clause of a section of this privacy policy will be omitted in order to benefit any client (single person or a company).
  3. Any notice/objection on some basis which contradicts any clause of this privacy policy shall not be entertained at all.
  4. If disagreement over any section or clause of any section of this privacy policy emerges on client’s side, and can be speculated as the cause of any sort of damage/loss/liability for the client in future, then it is strictly advised to revoke interaction with this website. Elsewise this website shall not be responsible in any case of damage/loss/liability.
  5. In case of any legal step taken not in-line with the privacy policy stated here and agreed upon by the website and client, a retreat caution will be served to the client. Upon the denial of retreat, the counter step can be the annexation of the private information you entered on this site or confiscation of any amount of currency of yours on website’s side.
  6. Clause three, four and five of this very section stand quite reasonable because as stated earlier, this privacy policy is a mutual trust based agreement with the client.
  7. All the sections and their clauses stated in this privacy policy statement in which the subject is mentioned as the term “client”, will be applicable on both the types of clients which are buyers and sellers.
  8. This privacy policy may be changed with or without prior notice. So it is client’s responsibility to regularly visit privacy policy page and remain updated with the amendments.
  9. Information this website collects from clients:

This section is about all the information this website collects from clients (sellers and buyers both) while registering for an account.

  1. Business/Individual Seller: It is mandatory for the client to reveal their business status as if the buyer or seller of skill/task is a single person engaging for a domestic level work or a company trading skills in bulk.
  2. Personal name: Name is required for the entitlement of the person engaging with this website, either it be a single client or a company. Client should enter their full and real name as it is on the national identity card.
  3. Email Address: Email address is a must thing in all the online registering portals as it is, in a way the main channel of auto-contact system, which is the base of whole networking system. Moreover, email verification process is required to be performed by the client in order to prove their identity as a human and not a coded bug or any type of robot.
  4. Mobile Number: The auto-contact system with purpose of informing the clients about events of their engagement timelines automatically is mainly based upon email, but mobile number is still mandatory in order to contact the client in case of any feeble or compromising situation.
  5. Password:A password is required for creation of your account which will be then required every time along with your username/email to log in to this website. It is strongly advised to create a unique password consisting of numbers, letters and special characters

3. Information this website collects from other sources:

Besides the types of information which this website collects from its clients directly,there is some other sort of information which is obtained from third party sources like Google Analytics or some web data or traffic analysing software. This information can be:-

  1. Client’s location (not pinpoint, can be the name of city, state or country). For successful operation of a website it is quite necessary to identify and analyse the region based percentage of clients statistically.
  2. IP address (the unique code assigned to each and every device on this planet connected to internet) of client’s device.
  3. Type, brand, model, operating system specifications and hardware capabilities of device the client is using to log into this website. This information is collected in order to judge the financial capability of the client and to construct original data based speculations about market trends.
  4. Keywords searched by the client on search engines. This information is actually directly incorporated by the Ad-company in order to display the client relevant ads whenever the site is visited.
  5. Browsing Habits of client over the internet. This information again like the one mentioned in the clause four of this very section has the sole purpose of calculating your areas of interests and then displaying you the relevant stuff.


4. Disclosure/Sharing of client’s information:

This section of privacy policy is drafted in accordance with the section two and three. Disclosure level of the information of client required in order to register their account or trade services on this website, to the second party (either buyer or seller) will be stated here.



Information of Buyer Client revealed to Seller Client:

  1. Buyers name is revealed to the seller as the contract/service trade is under process.
  2. Buyer’s physical address is revealed to the seller after the due payment is made by the buyer.


Information of Seller Client disclosed to Buyer Client:

  1. Seller's company name or Freelancers / Individual service provider's name.
  2. Seller's office or shop name ifdemanded/needed.
  3. Seller's profile and real picture (if not a company) and real name in order to fulfil the requirement of entitlement and recognition.
  4. Phone numbers are shared through the chat channel provided by this website.



5. Vulnerability of client’s information:

  1. Cent per cent confined security of website does not guarantee that the information provided by the client in not vulnerable. 
  2. Some security measures are required at the client’s too, because the information being typed on any gadget either a computer or a mobile phone, can be recorded on a live track.
  3. There are methods, attachment based tiny software and coded bugs which can enter your device from multiple sources like email attachments, USB drives and visiting insecure sites. Those bugs are called key-loggers and they start recording every step you perform on your device and every letter you type upon it.
  4. In the light of above stated clauses one, two and three of this very section, it is declared that website shall not be responsible at all if client’s information is hacked upon, leaked, manipulated, abused, misused or the currency(property of client) deposited with the website (as the third party) is manipulated or transferred to some inaccessible place.
  5. Password is not private at all until not generated in mind and imposed upon. But once imposed, password of your account becomes the most private information of client with respect to their account on this website. It is strictly advised to memorize the password, keep the password private, not share it with anyone other, and even do not write it anywhere. If client’s password is compromised from client’s personal possession, the sole responsible shall be client.
  6. If the account of client is accessed unlawfully by direct login and private information is accessedor any sort of actions through the account are performed, as stated in clause four, then clause four and five of this very section will be considered as the reason of any form of damage to client and in this situation as already stated in clause four section five, website will not be responsible at all.
  7. Client will have to immediately report to the website if their password is disclosed or hacked, or the device on which they logged in to the website has been stolen or compromised digitally. After verifying client’s identity, website will deactivate the account and freeze its entire features in order to halt the growing damage. After the threat is eliminated, client shall be given the option of resetting their password.
  8. Client’s location, as stated in clause one of section, is solely cracked in order to develop website’s location/region based traffic stats, and it is not pinpoint. Moreover, the information is directly incorporated as just the name of region into the stats database and client’s identity is not linked to it. Even if the location database is accessed maliciously, the cyber thief will only have the combined location based stats of this website. So client’s location information is merely vulnerable. In case if location of any client is traced and misused, it is only possible in the way as stated in the clause two of section six of this privacy statement, according to which this website will not be responsible for the theft of client’s location information.
  9. The IP address of client’s device is bound to be exposed to the website admin base as the vital part of working structures of internet, so its exposure cannot be avoided. IP address is not sensitive or vulnerable information personally, but digitally it can be. So its confinement is quite necessary. In case client’s IP address is exposed or revealed to misusers/abusers through the channels of this website, the responsibility may fall on the website if the information under consideration leaked according to clause one of section six, and the website will not be responsible if information is leaked according to the clause two of section six.
  10. Search history can be of concern to some clients. As stated in clause three of section three, search history of client is acquired only to design the flow of relevant ads to the client. In case the data of search history of client is compromised in the premises of website, the website may be responsible if data breach occurred according to the clause one of section six, and website will not be responsible at all if data theft happened as stated in clause two of section six.
  11. Browsing history or client’s behaviour over internet as mentioned in clause five of section three, is obtained only to identify client’s areas of interests over the internet. This information, unlike client’s location information is pointed to the client’s digital identity (can be the IP address) for the sake of keeping correct record. This information is sensitive as it can cause personal damage to the client in many ways. The responsibility fall of leakage and misuse of client’s this information is also governed by the clauses one and two of section six.
  12. There is a threat of theft/leakage of client’s (either buyer or seller) mobile number when it is being shared with the second party as stated in the clause six of section four. The theft can occur as described in the clauses one, two and three of this very section. Under such happenings, website will not be responsible at all as stated in clause four of this section. 
  13. In case the theft of mobile number or any other private information typed in chat occurs as stated in clause six of this section, website will still not be responsible according to the same clause.
  14. If the information breach happens as the situations stated in points of clauses one and two of section six, then website may or may not be responsible according to the clauses one and two of section six.
  15. Website will not be responsible at all if client’s information disclosed by website to the second party (means information of buyer revealed to seller and information of seller revealed to buyer, as stated in clauses one to five of section four) is stolen, manipulated, abused, or misused the second party.
  16. Website will not be responsible if client’s mobile number which is shared with the second party in chat channel provided by website as stated in clause six of section four is misused or abused.
  17. Website will not be responsible if any other information shared by the client over the chat channel of website with the second party is misused or abused. Sharing of any vulnerable private information over website’s chat channel is strongly discouraged at the first place.



6. Security of client’s information:

It is to be understood by the client that their information is not in the physical possession of this website by any means either hard or soft. Their information is stored in some remote data centres of reputed hosting servers. This website pays the hosting servers for storage and security services. Basically this website just has an access over the internet to the client’s stored data. 


1.There can be some conditions in which this website can be held responsible in case the private information of client is hacked upon, leaked, lost, manipulated, abused, or misused. They are stated as follow:

  1. This website is hacked digitally. Means the admin gateway is compromised by some coded intruder and client’s private data is accessed.
  2. This website is hacked physically. Means some cyber thief gets direct access of our controlling/directing systems by any means.
  3. Handlers of website accidently remove or corrupt the private information of the client they wanted not to be lost. To be more precise the account of client is made inaccessible or obsolete through website’s end. 
  4. Any operator of this website means an employee of this website steals client’s private information.

2.There are some other circumstances under which, website will not be responsible for leakage, loss, misuse, abuse of client’s private data. They are stated as follow:

  1. The servers of the hosting server provider company are compromised.
  2. The data centre facility is compromised digitally either by internal or external elements.
  3. The data centre facility is compromised physically either by internal or external elements.

In this case, a single client of this website will not be the only victim. Even the website itself will have to bear a huge and severe valuable data loss.

7. Accessing, editing, and deleting your information from website:

  1. You have full access to all the information you entered on this website.
  2. You have full authority to edit/ change your private information you entered on this website.
  3. You have the option to delete your account permanently and completely from this website.