Terms & Condition

1. Entitlements:

1. The users of this website who utilize any of its services either skill selling or skill buying will be entitled as “client”, either they are company or a single person.
2. The website servbetter.com will be mentioned as “website” all over the statement.
3. Persons, who are not clients of this website but plan to become one, will be entitled as visitor.
4. The client under consideration is first party
5. The client relevant/trading with the client under consideration is second party.
6. This website is third party.

2. User Agreement:

1. The use of this website by its clients for services trading and other related purposes is governed by these Terms and Conditions.
2. These terms and conditions are a legal agreement between this website and client.
3. Any client of this website, if fully or partially disagrees with any section, clause, or point of these Terms and Conditions, that client is strictly advised to halt their utilization of this website immediately.
4. If the client does not comply with the clause three of this very section, then website will not be responsible at all for any form of loss of client.
5. No section, clause or point of these Terms and Conditions will be omitted to benefit a single client.
6. Any objection (over the behaviour/reaction of website) not in line with these terms and conditions will not be entertained at all.
7. In case a legal step is taken by any of the client of this website, which contradicts any section, clause or point of these Terms and Conditions, a humble retreat caution will be served to the client. Upon the denial of retreat, the thwarting act can be the annexation of the private information client entered on this site or confiscation of any amount of currency of client’s on website’s side.
8. If client goes through the appending circumstances mentioned in clause three and four of this section and then takes a legal step, in this situation again the counter step can be as stated in clause seven of this section.
9. Any section, clause or point of these Terms and Conditions is amendable without any prior notice to the clients. It is totally client’s concern to regularly visit the page of Terms and Conditions of this website in order to remain updated regarding any amendments.
10. Any addition can be made to the websites all the policy statements like terms and conditions, privacy policy, code of conduct, without any prior notice. The client will have to visit these pages regularly in order to remain updated about new additions in policies.
11. Any visitor who does not or cannot fulfil any clause of the eligibility criteria will be unable to become a client of this website.
12. This website does not endorse any of the client company or a single person client. Any such act including the usage of forged endorsement letter will result in legal steps against the forgers.
13. Website can suspend or permanently block the account of any client with or without a prior notice in case if any violation of terms and conditions is detected.
14. If any client with their acts against these terms and conditions cause a damage to the reputation of this website on the market horizon, filing of defamation case will be quite an adoptable option besides all the other retributions/penalties mentioned for the offences.

3. Eligibility Criteria:

Any visitor who:
1. Is under the age of 18
2. Is unable to form and comply with the contracts made under legal bindings
3. Blocked/prohibited/suspended from this website
4. Has not any valid email address, cannot become a client of this website.

4. Registration Process

1. In order to become a client of this website, the visitor will have to get registered according to the devised procedure.
2. The visitor must give cent per cent correct information throughout the registration wizard.
3. In case it is detected in future that any information provided by the visitor to become a client of this website was fake or manipulated and account on this website was misused or abused, that client’s account will be quickly suspended and counter can be be the annexation of the private information client entered on this website or confiscation of any amount of currency of client’s on website’s side. A legal charge may also be applied against the client if the scam is too severe according to the identity/information faking laws of the concerned land.
4. All the information asked after the registration process either relating to client’s identity or referring to client’s professional profile also must be entered correctly. If this clause violated, the consequences will be same as in clause three of this very section.
5. There are several services of fake identity generation. If usage of any such service is detected, the account of client will be suspended according to the clause twelve of section one.

5. Usage of this website:

1. It is advised to strict the usage of this website to the purposed it is supposed for, that is services trading.
2. Any activity detected repugnant or beyond the primary purposes of this website will not only be annihilated but abusers will be identified and the consequences may include annexation of the private information client entered on this website or a legal proceeding according to the cyber laws of the concerned land.

6. Payments:

1. The platform uses Stripe for processing buyer’s payments and uses TransferWise for pay-outs to service sellers. Payment processing T&C are governed by Stripe and TransferWise.
2. Service charges:
• The platform adds 7.5% as platform maintenancefees to service buyer while paying for the service.
• The platform charges GBP 0.60 for pay-out to service seller.
• The platform charges dynamic bidding price to service sellers when they bid for different service requests, depending on task/job/service type, price and timeline of completion.

3. There can be several sort of payment related issues and money theft crimes. Website will not be responsible at all if any of such things happens due to the flaws, loopholes or problems of the money transfer channels like banks and currency agencies.
4. Website may be held responsible if the currency account of clients within the premises of website gets corrupted.
5. As mentioned in clause two of this very section, website will only be responsible if the client’s account gets corrupted or its balance and transaction is lost due to issues on website’s end. Website will not be responsible at all if the servers of hosting service are compromised, forged or deviated either physically or digitally.

7. Taxes:

1. Certain taxes may apply on the client’s payments depending on their location.
2. All the applicable taxes are to be paid by the clients and are included in their bills.
3. Website will not be responsible or answerable to any tax collection agency working under law of any land in case clients avoid payable taxes by any means.

8. Client’s Privacy:

1. Your information’s privacy is governed by the Privacy Policy devised by the website.
2. Any visitor having disagreement with the Privacy Policy will not be able to become a client of this website.
3. In case of a contradiction emerging in privacy relating clause of privacy policy and terms and conditions, the policy devised in privacy policy statement will be applicable.

9. Prohibitions/Restrictions:

1. This section of terms and conditions describes the prohibitions you will have to keep in mind while using this website. The account of client going against any of the cautions mentioned in this section will be suspended.
2. Do not use account of any other client either with or without the consent of that client.
3. Do not fake, manipulate or misreport your identity, or even a minute part of it.
4. Do not use coded bots or bugs to manipulate or deviate the working algorithms of this website. Legal step will be taken against any such visitor according to the cyber law. Permanent account suspension will be an addition to the censure in case if it is a client.
5. Do not try to hack into the account of any client of this website. Consequences will be legal proceedings according to the cyber laws of land, along with the confiscation of all the properties of client either information or currency.
6. Do not try to hack into the admin base of this website for any purpose. It will be considered as the most severe offence and will be dealt accordingly.
7. Use of abusive language in comments sections or chat channel is strictly prohibited. The account of the client violating this clause will be suspended with the immediate effect and client’s currency in website’s possession will be frozen. The account may be restored and the due amount may be released after a written apology is submitted by the abuser to the abused client.
8. Do not post/upload any such stuff which violates copyright of any other website or company. In such if that company or website takes a step in order to secure their copyright and any burden comes on this website, it will be directly transferred upon the client who posted it.
9. Do not upload virus codes or malicious software like Trojan horses and adware in any posting facility of website. Anything detected like that will result in permanent blockage of client’s account.
10. Do not use this website in order to collect the private information of its clients. This act can lead to a legal notice through a proper legal channel.
11. A single person or a single company cannot have two or more accounts running simultaneously. If at any point it is detected/found, all the accounts will be frozen with the immediate effect.
12. Do not use the account on this website for money transferring purposes only. If such an activity is detected then legal procedures shall be filed in financial corruption courts as per the law of land.
13. Using account on this website to transfer money internationally by creating an apparent scenario of services trade will be considered as offence of money laundering. Being the foulest financial offence, this may be dealt and tried according to international laws regarding money laundering besides the laws of concerned land.

10. Website will not be responsible in cases:

1. If the service provided to the client (buyer in this case) by second party (seller) comes out to be fraudulently inadequate or incomplete.
2. Mobile number shared upon the chat channel provided by website is misused or abused by any of the client (As stated in privacy policy)
3. Any other information shared over website’s chat channel is abused or misused (Detail in Privacy Policy).
4. Any client or visitor bears loss due to purchasing any product or service from any site the visited by clicking on ad of that site displayed on this website.

11. Limitation of Liability:

1. In any case of personal, financial or physical loss of client, not any employee of this website will be responsible at all.
2. In case of any issue as mentioned in clause one of this section, if the related employee of website is threated personally.

12. Things not to do:

1. Fail to pay the dues in return of services provided.
2. Fail to provide services for which payment was made.
3. Posting spam/junk advertisements or promotional content either in comments section or post area.
4. Posting same task/post repeatedly.
5. Posting jobs or tasks in wrong sections or categories.

13. Clients authority/hold over their account:

1. All the clients are granted full authority over their accounts whether the client is a single person or a company.
2. The client can edit, modify and erase their information they entered on this website.
3. Frequent modifications in either personal information or professional profile are strictly discouraged.
4. If it is spotted that frequent alterations are being made in the account information in order to manipulate the normal way and working of services trade,
5. Clients can permanently delete their account if they desire to discontinue their engagement with this website.

14. Intellectual Property Rights:

1. All the content present on this website is protected under the copyright and relating laws of all the countries.
2. Any minor step taken against copyright of this website can result in the form of a legal step against the copyright violator.

15. Governing Law & Jurisdiction:

1. All the sections and their clauses of this terms and conditions statement shall be defined, interpreted, imposed and implemented according to the law of concerned land through the proper channel of court and justice system.